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"The guys over at Automatic.Chat are awesome! They are super responsive, and I could tell they really cared about helping us achieve our goals. With their platform we were able to launch a fun twist on their normal services creating a chat-based adventure game for the launch of our new website which was a smashing success with fans. The platform was able to respond to over 32,000+ messages with fans really pushing the limit but their platform handled it no problem. Can't recommend these guys enough!"

Marcos CronanderHead of Marketing, Heroic Signatures


Train on anything

Train your chatbot to learn from your website, PDF, google docs, notion and more.

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Inspect your knowledge base

Dig into your knowledge base to understand exactly what your chatbot has learned so far.

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Proactively greet your customers

Set a welcome message to greet users of your site proactively.

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Suggest questions

Provide your customers with suggested questions to simplify their experience

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See How Our AI-Powered Chatbot Can Benefit Your Website

We've built a platform that is easy to use and has all the features you need to build the best chatbot for your website.

  • Lightning Fast

    Instant responses from the chatbot so you don't leave your customers waiting.

  • Analytics and reports

    Robust analytics and reporting tools that enable you to monitor your chatbot's performance, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Customizable

    Fully customizable chatbot that can be personalized with your own branding, colors, and design elements to create a seamless user experience.

  • Conversation logs

    Conversation logs to keep track of your chatbot's interactions.

  • Multilingual

    Multiple language support allows your chatbot to converse with visitors in their preferred language, enabling you to reach a wider audience.

  • Encrypted and secure

    Industry-leading data privacy and security policies that protect your user data, giving your customers and you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Still confused? Feel free to contact us at

What AI technology do you use?

We use OpenAI's GPT-4, the most powerful AI model in the world.

How fast are the response times?

The chatbot begins immediately answering the user's question within the first second

What data do you store?

As a summary, We store basic profile information, public website data, as well as any other data that you upload to our servers for training. We also store the conversation history between the user and the chatbot for you to see. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

Can I customize the chatbot to match my website?

Yes, you can fully customize the chatbot to match your branding, including colors, fonts, and logo.

Does this work in my language?

Yes, the underlying technology ChatGPT supports multiple languages, enabling your chatbot to converse with visitors in their preferred language.

Do you help with the setup?

Yes, we offer a free setup service to help you get started. Schedule a call with us here.

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Trusted by 1,400+ happy customers